What, what? It’s September? How did this happen and where did the summer go?? YIKES. I apologize profusely for being so horrible with keeping up here, but it’s been crazy the last few months. Between sessions, summer vacations, sick kids– and for those of you who don’t know from FACEBOOK we’re expecting baby #3 in early 2012. The extreme fatigue and sickness have REALLLY put a cramp in my work schedule. In the past I’d blog in the middle of the night but lately I’m in bed by 8pm. Now that I’m in the glorious 2nd trimester and feeling a little more like myself I’m hoping to get a bit more caught up. So here I am, ready to share some adorable little babes that have been in recently.

And last but not least– the most BEAUTIFUL baby of all (although I am biased). Our sweet baby GIRL:

After two boys we are so excited to be having a girl. Let the shopping begin….

More soon! I PROMISE. I have a ton of senior images coming up soon! xoxo