After 3 years of photographing this beautiful girl and her family, and watching as they welcomed a new baby sister– I truly do feel as if they are my very special friends. If you follow my blog you may remember Madelaine from here and here. I’m happy to report she is still doing great, she’s cancer free, and is as gorgeous as ever.
LOOK at all that beautiful curly hair.  She just seems so grown up…

Madelaine loves to pose for me 😉

LOVE her…

Showing me some dance moves.  (who doesn’t like to twirl in poofy skirts?)

She is such a smiler I have a hard time getting serious shots– but I love this one. 

Ok enough serious stuff- back to the smiles 🙂

Of course we couldn’t leave little sister out!!  We got in a few cute sibling shots and I can never resist dressing up a cute baby! 

Miss Ellie

I guess she gets her posing skills from Madelaine!

*melt* They are so lucky to have each other…

Again, please keep Madelaine in your prayers that the cancer stays away for GOOD.   This particular type of cancer has an 80% reoccurance rate within the first 5 years.    Her caringbridge page is:

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!!  Oh and photographers– I truly encourage you to get out and donate your time and talent to special families such as these.  I promise you, the reward is so much bigger than money.  These images are TRULY cherished.