I am so blessed. I feel oh so very lucky that people choose me to capture the most important things in their lives.   I get to be there to capture their sweet little baby- who is just learning to walk and talk, and watch her grow into a beautiful young girl.   Marnie is one of those special little people who I can’t wait to see each year.  She truly is my buddy (and I hear she doesn’t like anyone but Miss Jennifer to take her picture HA!!)  She has the BEST personality.  She makes me laugh.  She is rarely serious and smiles a LOT.  She is beautiful and oh so very sweet.  Of course she always has the cutest clothes.  I wanted to share some favorites form Marnie’s most recent session but as I looked through these I got all sentimental.  It seems like only yesterday…

 2007 : one year.

2008 : two years

2009 : three years

2010: four years

 2011 : five years.  Where did the time go??

 Crazy.  It seems like it couldn’t be possible that she is already so grown up. 

Thank you, Marisa, Cory and Marnie for being so wonderful.  I can’t wait until next year.  XOXO.