I hate the idea of leaving anyone out- and I never seem to find the time to update after each session- so this is going to be another marathon blog post. LOTS of cute babies, kids and seniors in to visit me recently.

Meet Brynn and Aubrey.   We did this session all outdoors at sunset and it was just perfection. 

Mr Dayton- he is SOOOO darn cute with his little smirk.  


Rylee- a sweet little cowgirl.

Jayson- Senior 2011.   We had to do a shot with him and his little Niece.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Miss Layla- 6 months and SO.DARN. CUTE with her little baby chub and big blue eyes.  AHH I can’t get enough of this.

These sweet little newborns are from a workshop I helped out at- it was SOO much fun and I had to snap a few shots when they used these cute hats.  Remember the cute girls at the beginning of this post?  Their MOMMA MADE all of these hats!   Her store on Etsy is Lily and Lime Boutique- check it out!

Miss Betsy- Senior 2011.   LOVED HER.  Such a natural beauty…

Amilya- a cute little model 🙂 

Another cute little girl- Ryliegh.  She was SO easy- but at 6 months they usually are.  It is such a fun age.

And finally- Katie- Senior 2011.   We had such a great time- she was a natural in front of the camera and was SO much fun.