I really am not working while on vacation. Hopefully right now, I am laying on the beach watching my boys play in the water. I realized I can set my blog to update at a later time (duh, right?) so I planned ahead because I have so much to share. This time of year is NUTSO. I have maybe 3 weekday appointments at the end of August left and a few in September. Don’t wait if you want a fall session- things are filling up FAST!!

ANYWAY- back to the fun stuff.  I have been having a BLAST with all of the 2011 seniors.  How gorgeous is this image?  I love the sun and clouds.  I did add a little bit of saturation but honestly not much at all- this is pretty close to straight out of camera!  YUM!


Kacie (again, pretty much straight out of camera) and YES she totally got INTO the lake with her prom dress on 🙂 Gotta love it!

I have more seniors to share BUT in true, Jennifer Nace style– I had to show some off a cute dressed up BABY

This is my favorite. At ONE there is nothing better than your fingers and your favorite lovey.