This little man came to visit me at just 9 days new. I really do fall in love with all of the babies I photograph, but this guy COMPLETELY stole my heart. I think it’s because he has red hair and dimples just like my little guy, Aidan. Aidan is 6 now, and I don’t have newborn photos of him like this and it makes me oh so very sad. I can barely remember him being that tiny! (sigh)

Cutest thing EVER, right??

LOVE him.

Obviously his Mom and Dad kinda like him too- so they didn’t want to leave him with me. BUMMER!

and if you haven’t said “AWWW” already, I bet you will now!!

YEP- his Daddy is a HERO!!

On another note- I will be out of the office until August 2nd. I will have email access but I’ll be enjoying some time with my family so unless it’s urgent, I won’t be returning messages until I get home! 🙂 THANKS!!