I have been neglecting my poor blog. I usually update my facebook page before I have a chance to update this- so for all you blog stalkers, add me as a friend so you can get your image fix a little earlier 🙂

Remember Miss Madelaine from a few posts ago? WELL she has been blessed with a new baby SISTER!! I am just so very thrilled for their family. They have been through so much this past 2 years, they deserve something a little extra special. Ellie is certainly EXTRA special:


Big Sister

A few weeks ago a friend I went to Kansas to help a fellow photographer out with her newborn posing. It was so much fun meeting these beautiful little babies:
Hangin Around

Perfectly Pink

We also got to photograph this beautiful little girl- meet Miss Emme.


Hippie Chic

When I returned from my trip I got to meet his cute little guy. He was just a HONEY. So sleepy and good. I LOVED his hair:
Sleepy Guy


The next little guy made me WORK. He just did not want to sleep! He was only a week old but he was so strong and alert! Finally after a few hours of eating (literally LOL) he was out:
Finally, he sleeps


Next up is sweet little Clare. I was so excited to meet her! I love dressing up little girls (and yes, I have all of these cute outfits at my studio)

Sporty Chic

With all of these cute kids that have been in recently, I decided I really needed to get some updated photos of my OWN kids. So I made them go outside to do a few images. My little Aidan turned 6 a few months ago- and his tooth was SOO ready to fall out and I just knew I had better get some pictures of him while he still looked like my baby (cry cry cry).

Both of my buddies. I was trying to get them to smile. It wasn’t working so well, but then my husband said “anyone want a poop sandwich?” This is the result:

I love them. I really do.