I’m still playing catch up so I will keep this short and sweet- and what could be more sweet than CUTE KIDDOS!!!

First a cute little set of cousins. Grandma wanted some pictures of her babies together. It was so much fun!


Little Bear

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little lady during her first year- she has captured my heart…

…and obviously she has captured Momma and Daddy’s heart, too. *melt*
love captured.

I am always honored when clients come from hours away just to see me. I’m always hopeful the session goes well because they can’t exactly stop back another time when the kids are more cooperative. I had no reason to worry though- these little princesses enjoyed playing dress up and just couldn’t be more adorable…

Pink Princess

Boys aren’t safe from my props either 🙂 This little one was just a SWEETHEART. His little smile is just precious…
Little Pirate

Images like this choke me up because they truly capture what is so special about kids– their wonder and innocence. I love every minute I spend with these perfect little beings: