Meet McKinzy- an absolutely BEAUTIFUL young lady who’s ALMOST a senior! She’s one of my 2011 Models. I love her- but I am biased because she is my cousin. We had SO much fun last weekend– in fact, we were laughing so hard I got pulled over by the Highway Patrol on the way home. OOPS. I guess I was speeding (which I NEVER do- I swear)  🙂  Luckily, the nice officer let me off with a warning.  Whew.

Here are a few previews from our excursion:

MY FAVE (and also the on the first page of my updated SENIOR SITE )

I think my Mom and Aunt were jealous of all the fun Kinzy was having- so they had me take THEIR picture, too… (did I say we were related- because I was kidding, we totally aren’t)…


If you are interested in being a Senior Model for the class of 2011, it’s still not too late! I’m accepting applicants for a few schools in the area until May 15th. 🙂 More updates soon!!