I have had a slew of BEAUTIFUL baby boys in recently. I usually get a good mix of newborns, but the last month or two I’ve had NO girls and about 7 baby boys! Obviously little boys have a special place in my heart because I have two boys of my own. These little buddies made me want another one sooner than later. SOO yummy and sweet.

Meet Jaxon. LOVED his hair and his cute little dimples.

A baby in a bucket!? YES, PLEASE…

Meet sweet baby Adam. He was an ANGEL. Slept the whole time except for right at the end when he woke up and just looked around.

Finally, meet Carter. I love ALL of the babies that come into the studio, but Carter’s Momma is one of my best friends in the whole world. It makes me kind of emotional to even think about it. Seeing a great friend that you’ve known since 7th grade become a Momma for the first time, and then being able to capture these memories for her — PRICELESS.

He’s CUTE, huh?

Such a perfect little model-

Honestly, there is nothing better in the world than these little miracles, so fresh from God…

OH and thanks to this cute couple– the boy streak will soon end. They had a TINY baby GIRL a few weeks ago. She was premature and had to spend a bit in the NICU but she’s home now and is doing GREAT. Can’t wait to get out all of my pink stuff 🙂

HAPPY Easter!!