I am behind- again. Will I EVER learn? Will I EVER actually be caught up? Nope. I blame facebook. And online shopping. 🙂 So for all of you who are waiting for sneak peeks or an update- here ya go– a WHOLE bunch of cute babies, and kids, and a cute couple and even a few last minute 2010 seniors!! 

Baby Eva- day 19.  She was SO tiny and sweet I really just fell in love with her.

Sydnee- 3 months.  Her Daddy is a Hero and is deployed right now.  It was great knowing he’d get to have some beautiful images of his baby girl to enjoy. 

Audree- 3 years and just as beautiful as she was the day she was born.  Her Momma is one of my best friends so I’ve known this little one since she was just a teeny tiny!

Baby Holten- 3 months.  You may remember him from a few months ago- he’s getting SO big! 

And big Brother Max- 3 years.   He is the spitting image of his Daddy…

Baby Brayden-  4 weeks.  I was worried when Momma said he was already 4 weeks old- obviously, I had nothing to worry about!  HE was a perfect little model…LOVED him.

Kenley- 5 weeks.  This little lady was born at only 33 weeks- so she was TINY!!  She was only 5 weeks old when we did her session but still should have had 2 more weeks in her Momma’s belly.  CRAZY.  She’s a little miracle, for sure….

Mackenzie- One Year.   HELLOOOO beautiful.   I can’t get enough of this little one.  She’s SO cute and I totally would adopt her if I could HA!

She LOVED her cupcake….hee hee!

Nick and Kristi– Engaged.   It was SO much fun going outside to shoot again, and this couple couldn’t be cuter.  I can’t wait until their wedding!

Tiara- Senior 2010.   I’m glad I’m not in High School any more.  The girls are WAY too cute. 

Mary-Patrice – Senior 2010.  Again– I’m glad I’m not in High School!!! 

SOO there ya have it!! Oh and, I know- I photograph the most gorgeous people/babies ever…..I love my job!!

Until next time (and hopefully that is sooner than later.) 🙂