Meet baby River. He was such a perfect, tiny little pumpkin. I wish every baby was this easy to photograph. He slept the entire time– except for a few seconds when I put him in this:

Just hanging out


Mom and Dad are GORGEOUS! Love this:

He’s so TINY! I just wanted to smooch him… (would that be weird if I started kissing people babies? )

It’s so hard to believe that my little men were smaller than that when they were born!! WHY, WHY, WHY do the grow so fast? My youngest is going to be 4 in a few weeks. All of these cute newborns are reminding me how much I miss them being so little.

Speaking of newborns, I have had TWO more little guys in last week. I’ve had 5 newborn sessions in the last month and they have all been boys. Who is going to break the streak??

Be back soon 🙂