Me: HIII honey!

Husband: Hi?

Me: Um, so I wanted to talk to you. I have this really great idea.

Husband: OH NO, I hate your great ideas.

Me: No this is a good one. I THINK….. (pause) we should….haveanotherbaby (cough).

Husband: WHAT? WWHHATT?? You can hardly handle the 2 you have, what on God’s green earth would give you the idea to have another one right now??

Me: WELL, there was this reeeaaallly cute little bubba at the studio this morning, and I kind of wanted to keep her.

Husband: I think you may have to quit your job.

Really though, people….can you BLAME ME for having baby fever after hanging out with HER all morning?? Can I special order one like this??





Tomorrow won’t be better- another 6 month old and his super cute big brother are coming in. 🙂