(cause I don’t know where else to put this)

PLEASE don’t scan or reproduce my artwork in any way shape or form (this includes making announcements or cards, collages, etc)!  If you bought prints from me and would like them on your website or blog- just ask!  I’ll send you an image with my logo on it!  All I ask is that you keep the logo so people know where it came from 😉  Obviously it wouldn’t be very nice to use that, or to buy a 5×7 and then make copies for all the grandma’s, aunt’s, etc.  Not only is it not nice, it’s illegal!

One more thing-please, don’t come to me to do a session, and then have your friend with a ‘real nice camera’ try to recreate my work!  It’s just not ethical- PLUS- People may think I was the one who took those images and it really would reflect poorly on my business.  This is the only profession that I can think of- off hand- where you would be hired by someone to do a job- and then just HOPE you’ll get paid for it.

It’s unfortunate.  It was so much more fun to just ‘take pictures’.  This whole business thing is another story.  (sigh)

Thank you SO much for understanding.  And remember- you are not just stealing from ME- you are also stealing from them!!


Now back to your regular scheduled programming 😉