Just a quick FYI- if you’ve emailed me in the last day (October 8th-10th) I probably didn’t get it. My email address (as well as some other personal accounts) were hacked into. UGH. The person forwarded all my emails to a gmail account that I am unaware of. I’m sure they didn’t want me to see the confirmation email when they transferred money out of my paypal account! They stole $1000 from me- but luckily paypal noticed it was from an IP address that wasn’t a normal one I log in from and they flagged it right away! Hopefully it will all be resolved but I feel so violated. I’m such a trusting person. I just don’t get it….

ANYWAY, just another thing I’ve had to deal with lately! Of course it’s sucked up much of my time- changing passwords, email account info, etc etc. LOVELY. I’ll try to get back to work ASAP. Thanks for understanding!