Remember a few posts back when I said I changed my logo and this was the last time-  well, I was KIDDING!   The new logo you see here (on the new improved blog) is the REAL logo and this is what I’m sticking with.  Sometimes you have to try something to realize it doesn’t fit.  It just wasn’t flowin’ for me LOL.  YES I am so crazy it’s not even funny.  I’m working on revamping my site here so if it’s acting funny, this is why.

  More to come soon.  I have studio pictures, but I kind of wanted to wait to post them until I have the finishing touches up.  Speaking of the studio, I am working from there during the day again so if you need me you can call me at that number 507-833-6158. 

  If your thinking of booking a summer or fall session, times are going fast so you want to call ASAP to reserve your spot.  I have a lot of fun new ideas I can’t wait to implement. 

  Let me know what you think of the new blog by leaving a comment below!  I might even give away a prize to someone 😉