I figured it was about time to update everyone on the studio progress….it’s coming along….slowly LOL.  I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to pick out paint and furnishings for the gallery and stuff, but I finally did it.  YAY! We should have it painted this weekend HOPEFULLY and then will finish up with the wood floors, trim, etc.  There is still a lot to be done, but it’s getting closer!  I keep holding off on pictures because there isn’t much to show now but SOON I promise!  After we get the inside finished we’ll need to get the outside done because it looks HIDEOUS right now.  Ugh– so much to do! 

I’ve haven’t been taking many sessions recently due to the construction but I have had a few, and I adore them.  Check out the latest cuties that I’ve photographed:

This little girl was born prematurely and spent some time in the NICU.  Because of this I went to them to do the session (they aren’t supposed to leave the house much due to germs).  I loved doing this on location using only natural light.  I think it made it comfortable for baby AND the family. 

caught a little smile!!!!!

and finally– one of her awake because I have to show off how DARLING she is…

I love these next 2 girls, they are friends of ours.

This is my son Aidan’s ‘girlfriend’ and he says he’s going to marry her-  can you blame him?

and little sister (who just turned 2) we asked her to show us her pretty face and this is what she did– TOO CUTE!

Since I’m sharing, I should show off my little guy.  He just turned 2 a few weeks ago so I snapped a few really quick outside last weekend.  It was chilly, but I got a couple I liked.  I still have to ATTEMPT to do some of both my kids in their CUTE Easter outfits from Gap.  I kind of dread trying to get both of my kids in one picture, but their outfits match LOL LOL.  Plus, Aidan is going to be 4 in a week (CRY) so I might as well get them into the studio for a session 😉  For now, here is Ash-

Thanks for looking and have a HAPPY EASTER!!!!!