The new studio!  NOW– keep in mind that it’s NOT FINISHED so your going to have to visualize with me here LOL.  This is the outside.  We will be getting rid of the pretty green siding and doing it all in a neutral color.  The front archway will be stone with some pretty plants etc!  I need a new sign too– and a sidewalk, and parking lot LOL LOL-

There is a lot of room out back for outdoor sets, flowers, etc so that is going to be fun too! This will be the gallery/reception area. I already have some gorgeous canvas and fine art prints ordered to display! It’s hard to tell but the walls are a light brown and a light aqua. The aqua wall is going to have stripes painted (which my husband is going to do once the ceiling is done). It’s going to have a shabby chic vintage look to it! I can’t WAIT.

(view as you walk in the front door)

(view looking back toward front door)

there will be french doors going from the reception area into the viewing area where I will have a flat screen TV on the wall along with a fireplace.  This is where the in person ordering appointments will be held. 

another closer look at the viewing room.

a look from the viewing room out to the gallery.  You can see the door that goes into the camera/shooting room.

This will be my office!  It’s going to be SOOO cute.  Yellow, Red and Teal.  Nice and bright with my kid’s portraits and artwork on the walls.  I ordered a awesome new desk to go in here too so hopefully I’ll be more organized?  LOL…

There is also a bathroom/changing room and prop room that I didn’t take pics of because there isn’t much to see besides an even bigger mess! 

I have pictures of the actual studio somewhere on my hard drive but can’t find them now so I’ll have to post those later.  It’s SO nice though, and HUGE (the camera room is bigger than my entire studio before!)

I think that’s it for now!  I can’t wait to share more once it’s finished.  The ceiling is going in this week and then the floor and trim!  It’s getting CLOSER…I want it done before April 15th, so cross your fingers 😉

While I’m here, I have to share a little model baby I had in today.  He is ADORABLE….

Have a great weekend!  I am going to be at a workshop until Sunday evening.  I will be returning calls and emails next week!  THANKS 🙂