Well, I guess it was going to happen sometime. My little Ashton got his first black eye- courtesy of his big Brother Aidan. It was an accident, they were running and being rough, and Ashton fell and hit his eye on a vent. UGH….poor little buddy!

While I’m here talking about boys, I’ll share a few of my recent favorites. Both these little guys have been to me before and they came in for their first Birthday session!
Eli thought I was funny….

Jack, not so much…HA! This SO cracks me up. They sure look like they are enjoying themselves LOL LOL.

He has SUCH pretty blue eyes. I didn’t even enhance them! Wow, huh?

LOVE this. I just think it’s so funny.

And some cake pictures.

I’ll have some more previews online soon 🙂 It is 3am, and I am going to bed! I am such a night owl…