…I usually don’t approach a complete stranger at the mall and tell her that her daughter may be one of the cutest babies I’ve seen….and PLEASE bring her to me so I can photograph her. I mean, they had to think I was a total nut job. I was SOO happy they called to make an appointment. Who can blame me though, seriously. Isn’t she to DIE FOR???

I could have played ALL day. I can’t believe how many cute shots we got though. This little girl lasted 2 hours!! Cute AND well behaved??? I asked if I could keep her. They said no….darn. 😉 This doesn’t help with the baby fever I seem to be having lately. Someone please tell me I don’t have time to have another crazy kid HA!

Hope you enjoyed the preview. You can bet you’ll be seeing these when my new website launches in January! (new studio, new site, new look! I can’t wait!!).

Have a good night 🙂