It’s official! We are building a new studio!!!! If you have been in my current studio you’ve noticed I don’t have enough room LOL. The new place is going to be SO great! I can’t wait to show plans etc once it’s started. This is all going to move pretty quickly because I need to be out of my current space by the first of the year. These next few months are going to be INSANE. I’ll share more details soon.

While I’m here, I should show a quick preview of some cutie TRIPLET girls that I photographed last week (yes and they are 2…it was quite funny!!)

Also I wanted to share an email I got the other day from a recent client. Like most family sessions with young children…we had a heck of a time! The little one was having a bad day…she was getting a bunch of teeth. I can’t blame her for being annoyed we were trying to take her picture then LOL. Anyway, it was chaotic but I promised Mom we’d have some great images. I sent the slideshow to her last week and this is what I got from her yesterday:

It’s so funny to hear all the comments we’ve had about “seeing the love in our family through your portraits”. We, too, think that you did an AWESOME job of capturing that. My husband and I have been laughing because we didn’t have a lot of “family harmony” that day! 🙂 But somehow you managed to capture what we do have on so many other days! Anyways, thanks again for sharing your talents with our family.”

Seriously…things like this are what make me LOVE my job. When I work it means I’m away from my own kids. It give me a little more peace knowing I’m doing something for people that will always have a special place in their home, and something that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Thank you so much Angie for making my day!!!

OH one more thing. I’m not going to be at the studio tomorrow. I’m going away for the weekend with some friends to scrapbook. The funny thing is, I’m bringing my computer so I can work instead LOL. I just have WAY to much to do right now to take a weekend off. Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll have lots of sessions ready when I get back. I’m excited. It will be fun to work and be creative while having fun with friends!