Sooo, alot of my clients ask about my kids and why I don’t have any big pictures of them on the wall. I thought I’d just show you rather than try to explain.

Me: “Ok boys let try to take a REALLY good picture for Mommy. I want to put a big one on my wall!! Ready?”

“Ok wait…wait….no just sit still for a minute….

“Alright this isn’t working. Let’s try something different. We’ll put Ashton in the chair so he doesn’t run away.”

“Aidan, it’s ok, you can sit in the chair next time…”

“Yeah, Ok this isn’t working either. Let’s try sitting on the floor again…”

(this is the…MOM…are we DONE yet look HA HA)

“Ok sit right there….but wait, No…No, don’t squeeze your brother quite so hard.”

“OK STOP. Try just one hand around him.”

“AIDAN WILL YOU JUST BE NICE AND TAKE A PICTURE!?!?! Tell your Brother Sorry and then just sit nice!”


“Ok, Jamie (my husband) you need to come here and try to make them behave.”
(he starts dancing around like an idiot behind me…)

Not EXACTLY what I had in mind, but cute and seriously at this point….I’d take what I can get HA HA. Now maybe you’ll understand why I don’t do sessions with my own kids often 😉 It’s fun when the rowdy kids are someone elses HA HA! I think alot of people with a few young kids can relate! I suppose this is why I always say getting a nice picture together is SO hard. It’s difficult to get both kids looking (and sitting still, not to mention smiling etc) at the same time. Needless to say, I enjoy doing portraits of each boy alone MUCH better LOL. Here are a few of my favorites!

Little Aidan…It’s a good thing he’s so cute because he is CRAZY!

The baby is a little more reserved!

He was also OVER this whole picture thing at this point so this is all I got of him. Oh well. Another day maybe??? Remind me to have a few drinks first, ok?